Vent HOOD Filter Cleaning

Commercial kitchen ventilation devices that accumulate grease may seep onto your roof, resulting in costly damage or even degradation. A fire hazard is caused by grease buildup. When it combines with water runoff and leaks into the sewer line, it may also be against EPA regulations and guidelines.

Ensuring the Health & Safety of Your Indoor Air

Cleaning your vent hood filters on a monthly or daily basis, depending on how busy your commercial kitchen is, is one of the greatest ways to maintain the effective operation of your ventilation system.

Keeping Your Vent Hood Free & Clear

Grease builds up on vent hood filters rapidly, and if they aren’t cleaned, your kitchen won’t be able to breathe correctly. Since your system won’t have to work as hard, this lowers your energy expenditures as well. Fortunately, we can check, clean, and replace your vent hood filter as needed.

What Is the HOODZ Difference?

One of the largest commercial kitchen cleaning businesses in the sector, HOOD, has firsthand experience with how rapidly filters clog.
HOOD can not only create a filter upkeep schedule for you but also:

Professional Clean.
Every Time.

Your commercial space’s air quality is important to our trained professionals. Given that your kitchen is one of the warmest spaces in your building, it’s essential to have your vent hood filters cleaned and changed on a regular basis by experts.
Learn more about our Filter Exchange Service Programme and schedule your upcoming vent hood filter cleaning service.

How May We Help You?

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