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The risk of fire cannot be entirely eliminated by any method or system, but regular kitchen exhaust cleaning reduces the fuel load and keeps your system in good working order. The potential fire can then be contained and put out without endangering people or property. Our kitchen exhaust cleaning services make sure that the ventilation system in your commercial kitchen is constantly functioning properly.

The Effect of Grease on Your Kitchen Systems

Your kitchen hood exhaust system removes heat, smoke, and grease-filled vapours from your establishment as you cook. The vapours are sent through your vent hood filters, into your hood, and then into the ductwork by this mechanism. Once inside your building, it moves to your exhaust fan on the roof, where it may safely leave. These vapours have flammable residue in them, such as grease and oils, which can start a fire. These flames have the potential to cause catastrophic damage by spreading quickly into areas of your building that are not covered by fire control equipment.

Taking Measures to Prevent Fires and Improve Your Bottom Line

When viewing your hood system from the kitchen, the threat of accumulated flammables is not obvious. Through the use of our method of flawless photo documentation, we make it simple for you to see those places that are invisible. The fact that the kitchen hood is glossy after cleaning does not imply that those difficult-to-reach and even more difficult-to-see regions have been thoroughly cleaned. At HOOD, we make sure to access every part of your system. You can rely on us to consistently provide the work we promise.
Hood stands out from many other service providers because we take great pride in thoroughly cleaning the system before every service. Even though many businesses can assert that they offer the same level of quality, we go above and above to guarantee a thorough cleaning service. Cleaning the

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