Creating a Safe Way to Contain &

Manage Excess Grease

Commercial kitchen ventilation devices that accumulate grease may seep onto your roof, resulting in costly damage or even degradation. A fire hazard is caused by grease buildup. When it combines with water runoff and leaks into the sewer line, it may also be against EPA regulations and guidelines.

How HOOD Can Help?

Fortunately, HOOD can handle any grease problems you may have and restore your building to code. We are pleased to offer a broad range of grease containment services and solutions.
Among the many grease containment options we provide are the following:

Professional Clean.
Every Time.

In order to collect and contain extra grease from your kitchen’s ventilation system while enabling rainwater to run off, your grease containment system needs to be properly engineered, something that our qualified professionals can make sure of. We are eager to accommodate all of your service needs, from absorbent cushion replacement to whole containment systems.
We are here to get rid of fire risks and support you in stopping grease damage. HOOD is here to serve all of your needs for a kitchen cleaning service!

How May We Help You?

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